Meet Debra Sisson and visit her on-line Gallery!

Bluebonnets and Babies


Debra Sisson; an amazing artist!

I’d like to introduce y’all to a Facebook artist friend of mine, Debra Sisson. This link should go to her Daily Painters page where you can see numerous paintings she has done. Many of them are available for purchase, too. I think she does exceptionally well with pets and farm animals, and I bet you’ll agree once you go take a look! She has even done a few paintings using my photos as inspiration – WITH my full permission ahead of time, of course! If none of her finished works catch your eye, but you like her style, send her an Email about her commission work.
The two bluebonnet pieces are from photographs I took a couple years ago when we went to the Bluebonnet Festival down in Ennis. I had never seen so many bluebonnets before… whole fields just full of them. Wish I could share the SMELL of them with you! I never knew they even had a smell, but they do when you have a whole field of them warming in the morning sun.

debra sisson donkey in bluebonnets pixdebra sisson donkey in bluebonnets




There is a driving “trail” around the countryside and you get the maps at the festival. They highlight which trails have the best blooms going on right then. The little donkey was in a field with some cows and a horse. In the distance you could just see the outskirts of Dallas to the north. The calf was in another field further down the trail. There was also a HUGE longhorn bull in that field who seemed to be standing watch over the calf while we were all gawking at it!

debra sisson calf in bluebonnets pixdebra sisson calf in bluebonnets
The third painting in this collage is of Sweetpea. She came to us a couple years ago from friends who breed high-percentage Boer goats. As the smallest of triplets, Sweetpea was still a bit of a runt at two years of age and there was no way they could breed her to one of their large bucks. So, they asked us to come take a look and see if we might want her. Believe it or not, I think Troy fell in love with her as soon as he saw her! Can’t blame him, really, because she’s so adorable! So we brought her home and the other goats in our tiny Nigerian Dwarf herd wanted nothing to do with her. LESS than nothing if you asked Ramblin’ Rose. She was down right mean to poor lil’ Sweetpea! Eventually that all wore off, probably about the time that Sweetpea finally got bigger than the rest of them and stood her ground. The photo Debra used for this painting was taken shortly after Sweetpea arrived at Dancing Moon Farmstead.

debra sisson sweetpea pixHere are a couple other paintings Debra’s done from my photos, with my permission, of course! The old stone barn is “local” and where we got hay a couple of years ago…









debra sisson stone barn pixdebra sisson stone barn



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