Isn’t this MAY!?!?!

Isn't this MAY!?!?!

BrrrRrrrrr… this is Texas, so why does it feel like Wisconsin or something!!! I can’t believe we’ve got the heater going in the living room and that there is an actual FREEZE warning in effect for tonight! Our only source of heat up front here in my “studio” is a small wood-burning stove. Needless to say, all the firewood outside is soaking wet and it’s cold in here. The pictures with today’s post are of the actual farmhouse here at Dancing Moon. The first real snow we had here was on Thanksgiving day, 2007 and that’s when this snowy photo was taken, I believe. We call this rocky outcropping in the side yard our “rocky knoll”. If we were rich, we’d buy an old caboose and have it placed up there… but we’re not rich, so all that’s up there is a flag pole with a rustic Native garden at it’s base. The flag pole was here when we moved in, but it was just up there all by itself… so we added railroad timbers to frame the bed and then put all kinds of rusty found objects in it to make if FUN-ky! Last year I even added a real cow’s skull to it, in true Texas fashion.

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