Glimpse into the garden…


Chickens discovering PUMPKIN!

garden2 Collage

Beautiful guest in the garden!

garden Collage

Raised beds and trellises

So we had a couple of unusually late freezes here this spring which has set the garden back a bit. However, my salad “table” (wheelbarrow) and snow peas (bed spring trellis) are enjoying this year’s extended coolness! Just this weekend I noticed the first blossom on my peas!

I need to get out there and start sowing more seeds ASAP. Just direct sowing this year since it’s already so late. I have a couple of pepper plants that are struggling to survive and I’ve already harvested my first handful of radishes. Believe it or not, the chickens helped me plant some pumpkins, too. Well, not directly, but I used the old bedding from when I mucked out their run to make a new bed around a tree in the garden. Imagine the fun of discovering the seedlings when they emerged a few weeks later!

I have a couple of tomatoes that also managed to survive the late frost. I purchased a cell-pack from Meghann’s Market in Eastland!, which is our only “local” plant nursery. This is an heirloom variety aptly named “Hillbilly”! I planted my potatoes in three small tomato cages and need to add more old bedding hay to hill them up in order to grow more spuds. This is my first time to try this method, which I found via Pinterest.

Last year I discovered some type of giant alum growing in a ditch last year and “rescued it”. As you can see in the last photo it’s about to bloom too. I planted it in an old fridge liner that makes a really wonderful raised bed. We placed an old reclaimed headboard as a trellis behind it. The potatoes are in the foreground. I have some Society Garlic that a dear friend gave me and I’ll also be planting some culinary garlic as well. You can NEVER have too much garlic in the garden! I have a very limited budget, and a you have noticed that leads to some pretty creative containers, but they work GREAT! The metal wheelbarrows already had rust holes in the bottom and so husband added just a couple more to ensure good drainage. He did the same with the old enameled fridge insert. At first I thought I might have turned that into a garden pond, but I needed more beds more than I needed a pond! The four main raised beds in my kitchen garden are cedar, and will need to be re-staked next year. We built the main kitchen garden where the previous owners once had their above-ground swimming pool.

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2 thoughts on “Glimpse into the garden…

  1. Jimmye

    You have a great start love all your containers – I use many of those in my yard/garden.

    • THANK YOU! Hubby and I have always loved FUN-ky finds in the garden, especially! We’re naturally frugal, too, so recycling and upcycling just come naturally to us…

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