So I’ve been wanting/needing an outdoor sink… Why?

So I’ve been wanting/needing an outdoor sink… Why? Well, for cleaning off produce before it comes into the house, for potting plants, for cleaning fish and cleaning chickens! Much easier to have all the mess OUTSIDE! A good friend of ours overheard me talking about wanting an old farm sink for out in the garden and he said he had one, but that it was half buried in the mud out one of his pastures! It was mine for the taking! Troy brought it home during the week and today was the first chance we had to see if it would fit onto an old workbench base we have.Well, I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…


So as you can see, the old work bench was in pretty sad shape! It came with this old farmhouse and was under the car porch when we arrived here in 2007. For the last couple of years it’s been in the garden and out in the weather. The legs were a bit bent where it looks like they were hit more than once with the bumper of a car, perhaps. The sink itself was still caked with mud from the pasture and had a bit of rust, too.ImageTroy worked on refurbishing the base while I prepped the garden area where the base would be returned once completed. I also cleaned the sink itself inside and out, top and bottom! When the sink was pretty much clean and dry, We carried it over to a pair of saw horses so that Troy could give the underside a quick coating of a rust-preventative primer. I’m not sure if the numbers on the under side of the sink (55 9 2) are a date or not, but we masked over them so they wouldn’t be painted into oblivion. Troy reinforced the legs with a couple of 4″ X 4″ pieces and made a new shelf underneath with a couple of left-over planks. There was no out-of-pocket money spent on this whole project, we simply used stuff we already had on hand! The garden hose will be used as the sink’s water source and two 5-gallon buckets can be placed under the drains to catch the run off. The buckets can then be emptied into the compost.


In case you are wondering, those brown bags are old feed sacks that are folded flat and used as a weed barrier – much like thick layers of newspaper! We’ll be covering them with river rock to match the garden’s patio. I wanted a nice, level surface underfoot for working at the sink.

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2 thoughts on “So I’ve been wanting/needing an outdoor sink… Why?

  1. Jimmye

    Great end result, the sink looks as if it has been next to the shed forever.

    • THANK YOU! It’s almost a “perfect fit” in lenth. The table fit slightly better before the sink renovation simply because I didn’t have the rain barrel up on a platform. However, for better gravity feed the platform is necessary. The shed is actually our water building which houses a 500 gallon holding tank along with a pressurizer, a whole house water filter and a water softener, too! It is a small building, so this little rain barrel should be big enough once we add a small bit of gutter along the roof’s back edge.

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