Old Heritage Roses

IMG_8635We don’t actually have any “next door neighbors” here at Dancing Moon Farmstead… The old Texas and Pacific Railroad, now the Union Pacific, borders our property on two sides (South and East) because we live in a big curve. To the West is our “back 40”, so the neighbor there is a couple miles away, and to the North is a house that completely collapsed in on itself several years before we ever moved here! It is at this old house next door that the attached photos were taken last year. This beautiful old heritage rose is struggling to survive on it’s own. No one has lived there since about the 1940’s, at least!IMG_8632

This past weekend my sister and her husband came down “to the farm” as they usually do a couple times a year. Late yesterday afternoon we took a half dozen one-gallon nursery containers and dug up some clumps of this old climbing rose! For the record, in Texas, it is ILLEGAL to dig up any NATIVE wildflowers along the roadside. However, this is NOT a native  wildflower. Also, it is located on property owned by the Ranger Historical Preservation Society, of which both my husband and I are members. The clumps we dug up were in the bar ditch where they were frequently being mowed over by the city workers, so in a way this was a rescue effort! My sister took two clumps home with her and I’ll be planting a couple here along our front fence line. The two remaining clumps will go South, to Gorman, to take up residence at our parents’ house!

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