A Tail of Two Kitties

I will never understand people who can abandon, neglect or abuse animals… I admit that for some it is honest ignorance, and hope they will some day become educated enough to know better. In the mean time, we do our best here at the farm to totally spoil all of the animals under our care, most of which are “rescues” of some form or another!521304_3623630341851_519432831_n

It was just about this time last year that we received our latest drop-offs. The first to be discovered was a tiny silver tabby kitten that was perhaps six weeks old. We searched for more kittens and it’s mother, but didn’t locate any others. We then took the little  fella into the vet for a thorough check-up and fist set of vaccinations. The very next day or so I saw a larger cat that I suspected might be the mamma. However, she was quite shy and it took me a couple of days to catch her. I borrowed a small live-animal trap from my veterinarian because I suspected she might be feral. Luckily, she was not feral what so ever, just timid and very frightened! She was so scrawny that I feared she had Feline Aids or Feline Leukemia and took her into the vet’s office straight away for testing. I honestly believed we would have to put her down! To my surprise, both tests were negative… she was just starving to death… literally! She barely weighed five pounds. Since the kitten was at least 6 weeks old, we kept them separated so that she wouldn’t be feeding him, just herself.540287_3646444112181_1330157683_n

When we found her, “Mamma Kitty” had an open abscess under her chin. Two days later, she had a walnut-sized lump on the top of her head, which also appeared to be an abscess, so back to the vet we went! She was such a sweet, gentle kitty that she let the vet lance and treat the nasty abscess with just me holding her! A short round of antibiotics and she was fine. Because we didn’t know anything about her history, I kept her in a large dog kennel on our back porch, to keep her isolated from Kit Kat, our permanent resident “barn cat”. Our thoughts at the time were to foster mamma and kitten back to health while searching for forever homes for them. Well, that WAS the plan. A year later and both of them are STILL HERE!319012_4406251186883_854529973_n

It quickly became apparent that mamma kitty had NEVER been outside before, so she didn’t just manage to wonder up to our property, but rather she and her kitten were DUMPED HERE! Even after her imposed quarantine was lifted she refused to leave the open porch. It was several weeks before she would venture just outside it’s boundaries to join me in the garden while I was watering! Months passed before she would explore any further that the garden and now, a full year later, she still never leaves our inner yard. It was near the end of summer that she first learned how to hunt grasshoppers. She would catch them and bring them to the door for us… meowing most pitifully until we acknowledges her prowess as a mighty hunter. IMG_9391

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2 thoughts on “A Tail of Two Kitties

  1. Robin Bunch

    I am not surprised she won’t go far, after being dumped she not feels secure with you and she is taking no chances of getting lost. She is a beautiful cat and the kitten is cute too. They know they have a forever home now, full of love.

    Are there any new little kids in the making? Loved the pictures of them from years past.

    • NO KITTENS here… ALL of our domestic animals are spayed/neutered as soon as old enough and/or healthy enough! Mules are natrually “sterile”, so no babies there, either! Our only breeding animals are the goats, for milk production requires it, and we do have a rooster if a hen decides to go broody… I’d rather have mamma hen raise a few chicks then deal with a brooder and all that mess! We have a loaner buck here and hope to have baby goats in a few months time!!!

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