Mr. Beau Jangles Blue!

Mr. Beau Jangles BlueMeet our future Herd Sire, Mr. Beau Jangles Blue! We’ve had goats for about four years now, but haven’t ever had a buck of our own. After much breed research, I had settled on Nigerian Dwarf goats as our breed of choice for starting out. We located a reputable breeder who happened to be less than an hour from us. My initial plan was to get three goats, a doe and two wethers. My reasoning for getting three is that goats are herd animals and therefore like company. Well when we got there we fell in love with FOUR kids and brought them all home. I’ll do a whole write up on how we first got the goats some time soon!

Any way, we purposefully did NOT want a buck right from the get go. My only previous goat experience was volunteering as a Keeper’s Aid at The Virginia Zoo up in Norfolk. I had specifically trained in their Barnyard string because I hoped to one day have a little hobby farm of our own “some day”. Well when “some day” finally arrived I knew enough to know NOT to get a buck until I knew that keeping goats was something we REALLY enjoyed! When my girls were two years old, we took them to the lady we brought them from and she let them stay in with one of her unrelated bucks. In the fall of last year we borrowed a buck from good friends of ours at Ten Mile Farm who also happen to have Nigerian Dwarf goats.  This past fall we couldn’t manage to find an available buck to breed our girls to, so Ten Mile Farm loaned us Champ this spring. IF either of our does are pregnant, they should be due to kid sometime next month!  champ

We were just making arrangements to return Champ to Ten Mile Farm when Lynnette sent me a message about a beautiful little buck that was recently born there. His sire is Harley and his dam is Alice Blue, so he is in no way related to Champ which means if our girls do kid this summer their babies won’t be related to him what so ever. His sire has a wonderful lineage with his grand-dam just winning her grand champion status last month. In addition to having wonderful genetics, he’s also got blue eyes and wattles – two physical traits that Lynnette knows I’m particularly partial to! 

We got to meet this tiny, handsome fellow on Friday when we brought Champ home. While there, we gave Lynnette a “Troy-Built” milking stanchion. Troy surprised me on Thursday night when I came home from work. He had built it from scrap wood just that afternoon. He based it off of the one he had previously built for me! Needless to say, Lynnette LOVES IT! While at Ten Mile Farm, we assisted Lynnette in dis-budding Beau and two other kids as well. She’s informed me that there has been another buck born since our visit, a black beauty with a white star, blue eyes and wattles! 

milk stand

If you are having ANY thoughts about getting goats of your OWN “some day”, I suggest visiting the website of Fias Co Farm! They have some of the BEST caprine (goat) information I’ve discovered on-line and are my go-to site, bar none!

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