Rustic Sausage & Summer Squash Skillet

Pattypan collageSo on our recent adventures to get a load of hay we serendipitously came across Sulaks Czech Baker and Meats in Clifton, TX. We stopped in for a quick visit to their deli for lunch and ended up coming home with a bag full of fresh garden veggies and a pack of their homemade Garlic Sausage to go with it! Shortly after lunch we had a blowout with one of the trailer’s tires, and were stuck on the side of HWY 6 for a couple of hours waiting for AAA to come to our aid! I was even more thankful for having stopped for lunch and having cold beverages with us to drink since the temperatures were well into the triple digits… So about those veggies and sausages ~ We really DID only stop in for a quick lunch, but there in a basket in front of the meat case was a beautiful collection of fresh vegetables that called out to me! I inquired as to how much they were and was politely informed that they were FREE for the taking and “just left over from the garden”! Well that was all I needed to hear! I quickly snatched up some eggplant, zucchini and patty pans to saute for dinner. Oh, wait… I didn’t have any sausage to toss into the skillet… Well played Sulak Bakery and Meats!!! So upon conversing with the MAN himself, the handsome one who MAKES Sulaks sausage, I chose the last remaining pack of Garlic Sausage to go with my newly acquired bounty.

sausageThe Eggplant will be used in a different dish that I want to try, but for this dish I used some sweet onions I already had on hand, along with a touch of Olive Oil, just to coat the bottom of the skillet and keep things from sticking as it all got going. I put the onions and sausage in first as this was fresh, raw sausage and needed to really cook and not just get heated through. While the sausage and onions were starting things off I next cut up the Patty Pan squash. If you’ve never tried it, please DO! It’s my favorite summer squash, with a delicate flavor and much more “flesh” to it than yellow squash or zucchini! Because of this extra flesh, it goes into the pan next. This gives it a little extra time to start cooking while I slice up the yellow squash and zucchini. I do a bit of a balancing act when I add the last of the veggies as I remove the sausage onto the skillet’s lid so I can stir the squash together with the now carmelized onions. I return the sausage to the top of the veggies, recover it and let it all finish cooking together. I don’t add any salt, pepper or other seasonings as the sausage and onions provide all the seasoning this dish needs! Other ingredients that I have added to this Rustic Sausage & Summer Squash Skillet include any combination of sweet bell peppers, mushrooms or couscous!IMG_9467

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