Millicent the Magnificent Mystery Mule!

We have two rescued mules who are about 8-10 years old. The smaller one, we call her Millie, developed a large growth on her rump. We took her to our local vet who did an ultrasound and biopsy which confirmed it is a type of cancer called a Mast Cell Tumor. The best course of action is to have it surgically removed as soon as possible! We contacted three seperate equine vets for estimates and have scheduled her surgery with Dr. Davis at Reata Equine Hospital in Weatherford, which is about an hour away. Once the tumor is removed she will have a drain put in and so she will have to stay there at the hospital for at least 3-5 days, possibly a whole week. After that I will be taking care of her here at Dancing Moon Farmstead.
The estimate for just the surgery itself is about $1,400. This does not include the bill I still owe our local vet for the diagnostic work, nor does it include any additional vet visits or post-op care once Millie comes home. It is too soon to know if she will need any special therapy or training once the hole left from the growth’s removal heals. For now, we’re just taking this one step at a time!
Your donations will help ensure this sweet, young mule gets to live the rich, full life she deserves! THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!!!
PicMonkey Collage4

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