Hoarder of SEW much more than just FABRIC!


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In attempting to get started on my project for the WICKED Blog HOP that I signed up for I’m now having to face the reality that I’m a hoarder of SEW much more than just FABRIC!!! I’m a hoarder, period…

Sewing Room Collage text
Here is photographic evidence of what my once beautiful sewing/craft room – Hubby now calls it my craP room – once looked like! See how light and airy? See the wide walk way around the center work island? When we brought my treadle home (almost three years ago) we placed her in front of the two rolling carts seen here in the center. Well NOW you cannot even see the treadle… she is BURIED! The entire open floor space between the wood stove and treadle is a wall of STUFF almost four feet high!!! HELP!!! Oh, and for those of you not-so-secretly wishing for a larger work room, remember this: Bigger isn’t always BETTER! Sometimes it’s just bigger and it becomes a catch-all storage room, especially if you are like me; a self-cursing, not-so-wicked witch who suffers from “Fornow Syndrome”. Maybe you’ve not heard of it!?!?! Sufferers are often overheard saying things like, “I’ll just put this here for now…”. 340024_2349241962938_1240943158_o

Today I managed to uncover the flat surface of the center work tables. I’d like to say I did it just by wiggling my nose or waving my magick wand, but it doesn’t work like that! Frankly, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I went through my stash yesterday and had pulled out all the Halloween-themed fabrics I could find. I wanted to lay them out to take some pictures to show y’all what I had to work with for my project, but the work tables were full of STUFF. I ended up spreading the fabric out in the living room on a groovy old chair! a5a8c66daed4d4511a1e4048cf65abe8

Notice that there is NOT a photo showing the current disheveled state of my sewing/craft room!!! It truly is too much of a GRUESOME HORROR to show… If it wasn’t open to the office/dining room I’d lock the doors and hang up a DO NOT ENTER SIGN like this:10297800_10202705236364503_8706805081292818205_n

Because I have such a large stash, including plenty of Halloween fabric, I chose not to pull out all my fall colored fabric. Please believe me when I say that if I need some blenders I know I have them… some where… Naturally I would prefer to just order the entire Black Cat Crossing fabrics from Maywood Studio, but I’m working on a very limited budget these days!

Oh, while cleaning off the table tops I was surprised to find a couple of Halloween panels that I cannot recall having purchased! Unfortunately, I’ve yet to come across the Dresden Star pattern that I know I have and want to try making. I spent HOURS looking for it last night! The search for the missing pattern led to even more tidying of my work space… If push comes to shove, I might just have to sew up some of the panels and pre-mades, but I really want to work on this idea I’ve got brewing in my head! stash collage

I would like y’all to please be my witnesses and know that I am hereby setting up a personal challenge to myself to have my sewing/craft room put back to rights by Halloween! Naturally, it won’t be exactly the same as the “before” pictures you saw up above… in addition to Madison, my vintage treadle, I’ve also added Liberty, a  vintage Singer 99 (in her original table) to my collection!!!

PS: I need to do some blogs posts about my vintage sewing machines and tell y’all about that beautiful chair hubby salvaged and re-made to go with Madison, my treadle!

fabric swatch hoarder

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2 thoughts on “Hoarder of SEW much more than just FABRIC!

  1. jacquie in OK

    your loving sister has given you some really awesome fabrics too!

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