A Hoarder’s HORROR STORY continues…

10297800_10202705236364503_8706805081292818205_nOkay, so if you missed my previous post, I’m a HOARDER… not just of fabric, either, but of many types of craft supplies… I’ve come to the conclusion that not only do I suffer from “Fornow Syndrome”, but also “Someday Syndrome”!!! Sadly, the two ailments are commonly found together in almost all cases of those who hoard craft supplies… For instance, I will often say things like, “I’ll just set this here FOR NOW because I might need it/use it SOME DAY”!!!  I’m sure it’s quite natural for creative people to want to have a variety of supplies on hand for when they are inspired by their muse, but there is a fine line between normal collecting and preparedness and HOARDING. Somewhere I crossed that line… Admitting that is the first step, right?!?! Taking responsibility for the madness I have created isn’t easy and now I’m struggling to get the resulting MESS under control! So I set myself a deadline of October 31st for restoring my sewing/craft room to a some-what usable condition. 2ee4d87f11c41e2689148026bbcc09dd

To that end, this weekend I spent many L-O-N-G hours up in my sewing/craft room, excavating the piles and unearthing a few treasures in the process! Lots of PURGING going on, too… no need to organize what you no longer have. Some is going straight into the trash while other items are going to the Yard Sale pile or directly to the local thrift store. In preparation for my upcoming Halloween-themed Blog HOP I’ve also been pulling out all my Halloween fabrics, pre-prints, panels and patterns. I’ve specifically been looking for my Dresden Star pattern by Edyta SItar at Laundry Basket Quilts and late last night I finally found it! It was tucked into a basket with a couple dozen other patterns and then buried in the corner. I also found an “Easy Dresden” ruler that I didn’t even know I owned and the pattern for making a Thimble/Tumbler quilt from Shaula at Feathered Star in nearby Clyde, TX. I knew I had the Thimble/Tumbler pattern, but hadn’t set eyes on it in about TWO YEARS!Found Treasures

I have SIX totes full of wool garments that need to be felted. I don’t want to get rid of them, but I also don’t want to go to the laundry o’mat and spend the day there processing them until this fall, when it’s cooler! So “FOR NOW” the totes have been relocated to another room. I wanted to move my White 77 table closer to my main sewing table and I still needed to make room for my Singer 99 table! The Singer 99 table has been sitting in the middle of the floor, right in front of the wood stove, ever since I brought her home. Before putting it in the newly cleared space I cleaned it and conditioned it. I learned what products to use for this over at the Treadle On website when we brought home my treadle a few years ago. I ordered the Howard product through our local Ace Hardware.
Before Collage

AFTER CollageHere’s the cleaning and conditioning line-up: Murphy’s Oil Soap, Old English Scratch Cover for Light Woods and Feed-N-Wax by Howard. Use them in THIS order and follow the instructions on the label! IMG_20140824_192123

Once the Feed-N-Wax had soaked in, and I wiped it off again, the table was almost ready to go into place. Before I moved it, I took snapped some pix of the inside and underside of the piece. I’m going to share this pix on the Vintage Sewing Machine group to see if I can learn anything more about the numbers under it and if I’m correct in my thinking that the one set of brackets was to hold the Owner’s Manual or not. inside CollageLastly, here is the progress I’ve made in the sewing/craft room. The two vintage sewing table are side by side where the six totes of wool once were and my main sewing table is now CLUTTER FREE and ready to use! The “Lost Treasures” were found together in a basket (under a collapsed pile) in the corner to the right of the wooden file cabinet.

progress Collage

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2 thoughts on “A Hoarder’s HORROR STORY continues…

  1. jacquie in OK

    TA-DA! Maybe I can come for a PLAY day again after all!

  2. We’ve measured the height of the center work tables and are getting bed risers to raise them up to MY belly button height! We will also be adding a piece of plywood across the top as the edges of the two tables are beveled. With the bed risers the two ends that are butted up together will have a gap between them and that won’t work! The center work island will also be moved 6″-12″ towards the windows on the front of the house so as to make the walk way around them more evenly spaced… As they are right now, the space between the table and the wall unit is a bit snug.

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