End of August update on MILLIE!


Getting SMALLER and hair is growing back where it was shaved…


When it’s REALLY HOT, Millie gets hosed off all over… Well, not her face as that’s just rude!

For those who haven’t been following along, Millicent the Magnificent Mystery Mule is the smaller or our two rescued Molly Mules. She had a cancerous Mast Cell Tumor surgically removed by Dr. Cal Davis at Reata Equine Hospital on Tuesday, July 15. Originally it was believed that she would be staying at their facility for 3-5 days, but as it turns out she stayed there a full two weeks. Since coming home, I’ve been treating her wound here on my own and sending weekly photos to Dr. Davis as his clinic is a good hour’s drive from us.

Millie’s incision area, commonly referred to as her boo-boo, is healing nicely. In the beginning I was doing hydrotherapy on the area twice a day and spritzing it once a day with Scarlet Oil. When proud flesh began to develop we stopped applying the Scarlet Oil and Dr. Davis called in a prescription for Betamethasone Crème to be applied once a day instead. Now all I’m doing now is cleaning it once a day by running the water hose over it and removing caked on dirt and bits of dried grass. The new muscle tissue has completely filled in the hole where the tumor was removed. There also doesn’t seem to be any recurrence of the proud flesh and the diameter of her boo-boo is getting smaller. Lastly, her hair is growing back nicely from where it was shaved prior to her surgery. I can almost no longer see the line from what was shaved and what wasn’t!Good roll Collage

Of course, it’s impossible to actually KEEP her boo-boo clean, because as soon as I’m done she goes and has a nice ROLL in the dirt… flicking up a huge dust cloud with her tail, too! Meanwhile, I’ve taken this opportunity to work with Dancer, the larger of our two rescued mules. Unlike Millie, Dancer was NEVER handled or trained in any fashion. When we brought her home, we couldn’t even get a halter on her! If Dancer had been the one to develop this tumor there is no way I would have been able to give her the medical care she needed without the two of us being heavily medicated!!! Every day when I go to tend to Millie, I also halter Dancer and tie her to the thinking tree. I don’t do much of anything else, just leave her to stand and ponder while I go about my business with Millie. Every once in a while I go over and reassure her, rub her butt, or ask her to give me her foot.8.25.14D2

Proof of our progress: For the past two days Dancer has been easier to halter that Millie! Not that Millie was really any trouble to halter, but Dancer just came right up, stepped up to where I was standing with her halter and lead in hand, put her head down, let me tie the halter and then we walked right over to where I tie her lead to the tree. Yesterday and today Kit Kat, our shorthaired tabby, also joined us in our morning routine and Dancer didn’t seem like she could have cared less. She’s already use to always having the two loathsome dogs around, so what difference does the cat make?before and almost after Collage

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