End of August Sewing/Craft room update…

Just a short snippit today… I’m slowly chipping away at the piles o’ stuff up in my sewing/craft room and progress IS being made! I had previously set up two tables (inherited from my mother-in-law) butted together in the center of this half of the room to make up the core of my work island. As you can see, it is primarily used for rotary cutting and now has two distinct cutting areas. I read some where that the “ideal” height for a standing work station is the user’s belly button. So to achieve that height hubby helped me put 6″ bed risers under the legs of the two table. However, the tables have a beveled edge and with the risers there is now a gap between the two table. DO NOT PANIC! A half-sheet of plywood measures 48″ X 48″… The tables are 42″ wide, so the new top will extend past the tables by 3″ on each side while covering the gap in the middle!center work table Collage

Raising the tables gave me more room underneath, too! I can even fit a stool under there now. I just brought home that huge rectangular basket – seen next to the stool – after finding it at our local Goodwill for $5! It’s bottom is the exact size of the two sweater totes underneath. On the other side I stacked three vintage fruit crates that my father-in-law brought up to us on his last visit. He knows I love stuff like that! I staggered them so that I can access each one. Conveniently the back edge of the top crate rests on the table’s cross-bar so the whole stack isn’t the least bit wobbly, . I have all my different types of batting tucked into these three crates, with a large roll placed on top. The basket on top of the large green tote is filled with UFO’s…

My ironing station will remain low as it is positioned directly behind my sewing station and is used while seated. All I have to do is swivel and press! I believe if you look closely you can (hopefully) see that this little table is actually made from the cast iron base of an old treadle sewing machine with a cabinet door as it’s top. Snapped it up at a local yard sale for $10 several years ago.

On the other end of the cutting tables – opposite the ironing station – there are two metal tiered rolling carts with pull-out drawers. They, too, are butted together and I have a bit of pieced red home spun fabric on the top of them. Because they are unstable, even with the “locks” on the rollers engaged, I use the top mostly for display and the drawers for storing stuff. I believe you can see some lace trim on the wooden stands in the largest image of the collage. I’ve yet to go through their drawers. Maybe this weekend? That’s why the picture is so carefully angled so as not to show the UN-tidied area which begins at these two carts. It’s still such a MESS that seeing it could permanently scar some of y’all! Any way, when I brought my vintage treadle machine home a couple of years ago I rotated the carts so that the treadle could butt up against them (opposite the cutting tables) and the drawers now pull out towards me when I’m standing at either cutting area.

So this entire “center island” is made up of my vintage treadle, the pair of rolling carts, the two table that are my cutting stations and my ironing station. Hopefully on (or before?) October 31st I will be able to stand on this side of the room and take a photo of the entire sewing/craft half of the room without having to strategically crop the mountain of madness out of the shot! That is my goal, so stay tuned.

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