Vintage Chick Feeder Pincushion

chicken feeder 001

Sew Many Ways – TUTORIAL!

I love making pincushions and putting them into interesting containers! I often find inspiration via Facebook and/or Pinterest. Somewhere I came across a photo of a pincushion set into a chick feeder. My brain stored the idea away, as is my habbit…  Some time later, while shopping our local thrift stores, I came across an adorable vintage feeder. Well I just knew it would work smashingly well as a pincushion!

Over at Sew Many Ways I found a really nice blog post sharing her version, including a full TUTORIAL, using a newly purchased feeder. You can click on her photo (at right) to go directly to that post. Below is a collage of the one I made using the old painted feeder I thrifted! A trick I learned from my mother was to put a bit of steel wool in the cushion to help keep your needles clean!chick feeder pincushion Collage

Oh, and speaking of thrifty, yes that IS an old shirt that I cut up and used for the fabric of the cushion. In fact, I have a whole PILE of old work shirts (100% cotton) that I’ve cut up to use for projects!!! Hmmm… maybe I’ll blog about THAT some day soon.



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One thought on “Vintage Chick Feeder Pincushion

  1. Cute pincushion. And didn’t know that about the steel wool.

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