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For my recent Around the World Blog Tour I had to link to the blogger who invited me and then link to three other bloggers who would be participating the following week. I had a real doozy of a time finding three who were interested AND had the time! In fact, I only managed to get TWO who would commit, in time, to doing this HOP. Many of my favorite bloggers had to politely decline –  mostly because they were simply too busy this time of year. Fall shows are starting and for many artists this is the beginning of their “holiday” sales time! Still, they are such wonderful artisans that I wanted to share their blogs with you. So here they are, in no particular order, some of my favorite blogs: (Click on their NAME and their blog should open in a new window)


Sondra Millardmojo dahlia

I first met Sondra through a Facebook group called The Outlaw Quilters. Although I’m not a member of that group any more, we’ve stayed friends via Facebook and even met up in person a couple years ago at the Dallas Quilt Show hosted by the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas. One of my earliest memories of Sondra’s blog was a chain-story that she started and the rest of us kept adding to. It was near Halloween and the story was about Fat Jack. What a BLAST that was. Sadly, WordPress “ate” the whole story when they did an update a few years ago… Tragic loss! Any way, as you’ll see when you visit her blog, in addition to her beautiful quilt creations Sondra has recently become quite the Tie-Dye artist. Her hand dyed quilt backs are phenomenal! Be sure to check out her FREE Giant Dahlia Quilt Tutorial, too.



Darcy Ashton


I first became aware of Darcy when I purchased one of her early pattern books, Claire’s Cats, at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival many, many years ago. Over the years I have also purchased Grandma’s Bunnies and Bunnies and More. Shortly before Horsing Around was to be published Darcy and I become more personally acquainted via my sister, Jaci, and Facebook. In learning that Darcy was working on a pattern book with an equine theme I jokingly suggested that she MUST include a mule as well! For those who do not know, I’ve got TWO rescued mules that I adore and spoil.  Finally I got to meet Darcy in person right after Horsing Around was printed and now have an autographed copy! Oh, and there are, in fact, TWO mule patterns included in the book! In addition to her well known applique books and patterns, Darcy also does some beautiful work in felted wool. I particularly love her wool pincushions! She sells them on Etsy OR you can purchase her pattern on her website and make your own. I have several large plastic totes full of thrift-store wool garments that I need to felt so I can begin playing with wool, too!



Joy Tapley

minimonster collage

Not sure where to begin with how I “met” Joy… I know it was after we moved to Texas, so some time after 2007?!?! At the time, she was living up in Wichita Falls, just a couple hours north of us. However, I think we hooked up over Facebook first and later met in person at either the Abilene, Brownwood or Dallas Quilt shows… Who knows? I’ve seen her at all of them over the years! We seem to have so much in common that to me it feels like we’ve known each other for ages! Both her husband and mine are retired Navy Chiefs, so they have lots in common, too. One of the things I always loved about Joy’s quilt show booths was her bright cheerful fabrics from Amy Butler Designs, and FUNky patterns, from Indigo Junction by Amy Barickman! Joy always had stuff that simply wasn’t like what all the other booths/shops had. Her business is currently in transition, but her style is still very much modern and chic! One of Joy’s own unique designs is her Mini Monster Travel Pressing Board. These are amazing and I think I really NEED one! Contact Joy if you’re interested in purchasing one – or more – as they make great GIFTS!


Pam Gracia


Pam is another Facebook friend, but sadly, unlike so many others I’ve met via Facebook, geography has made it impossible for the two of us to actually meet (YET!) in person. However, in addition to regular Facebook “shares” and “likes” we often have very deep “private messages” about more than just blog stuff and art. As you will see when you visit her blog or Soft in the Head website, Pam’s art is truly unique and I love each and every one of her creations! Many of her OOAK pieces and patterns are Halloween themed, which is probably why I find so many of them to be adorably spooky! However, her lil’ mice are just amazing creatures, too. During one of her sales last year, I purchased a couple of her patterns, including Milo the Cardinal. I especially like crows and ravens, but I also like cardinals. Not only are they beautiful, but I like their peeping. My hubby’s grandmother had a great affinity for “red birds” as she preferred to call them, so I bought Milo’s pattern and put it safely away. So safe, in fact, that I cannot find it! When I do, I will make him and share him here for y’all to see… Just don’t hold your breath on WHEN that might be!!!


Ginny Diezel936644_10201858366713291_492821658_n

Again, Ginny is a Facebook “friend” whom I’ve not yet met in person, but who inspires me greatly… I happen to know exactly how/when/where I met Ginny on Facebook, too, because it was through Pam Gracia! Pam often shares other artists’ work on her Facebook page, including their sales and Give-Aways. It was during a such a Give-Away that I first saw Ginny’s work. In this case, her adorable Snowmen! I love snowmen!!! Not only did I make a new friend, but I actually WON this adorable little snowman pictured to the right. I love him so much, in fact, that he is on permanent display in our living room and doesn’t get put away in March with all my other snowmen! Oh, and Ginny doesn’t do JUST snowmen, either. Her Good Witches are simply too adorable to describe! BOTH Ginny and Pam have their pieces featured over at the PFATT Marketplace. PFATT is short for “Primitive Folk Art Trinkets & Treasures”!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting each of these wonderfully talented artists and visiting their blogs, website, shops, etc. Personally, I find their art and blogs to be very inspiring! When you visit their blogs or Facebook pages, why not leave them a comment and let them know that you stopped by after reading about them here!?!?! I know they will love meeting you, too!





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