Ironing Board Cover

new ironing board coverIn reworking my sewing/crafting room, I noticed that the cover on my small, table-top ironing board was in poor condition. Luckily, I had seen a recent post shared on Facebook of a fellow blogger’s tutorial for making one! Crazy Mom Quilts is the name of the blog and if you click on the picture of her project a link will open in a new window taking you directly to her tutorial! I didn’t follow her example exactly, but rather used it as a starting point and just went from there. Mine turned out okay, but hers is MUCH better, so when I make a new cover for my full-sized ironing board I will follow her instructions more closely. In truth, I followed hers “from memory” last night as our Internet access had dialed-back so as to essentially be non-existant. Oh, the joys of country living are many, but crappy Internet service is my bane!

Another difference between my project and the lovely tutorial is that I didn’t have any scrap batting to use and didn’t want to cut up a nice, new piece for this project. What I DID have was a package of Insul-Bright from The Warm Company. Which, in a way, is BETTER than just plain batting as it is “a needle punched insulated lining that reflects the heat (or cold) back to it’s source”. In this case, the heat of the iron is reflected back up through the fabric making the iron work better! Basically, I’m all about using what I have on hand as often as possible. I even re-used the elastic from the old cover as it was still in good condition.


MY completed cover!

The fabric I used for my cover was a scrap end of 100% cotton decorator fabric, so it’s heavier than quilting fabric. For my binding fabric I used some light-weight denim, cut from thrift-store dress, as it was close in weight to the decorator fabric. Because of this heavier weight, I didn’t double it like the Crazy Quilt Mom did in her tutorial. If using lighter weight fabric I can see where this step is important! So my little ironing board is now smartly re-covered and doing it’s job better than ever! At some point I need to sit down and sew some valances for the windows in here… While sorting and purging I found some fabric that I think will work, if there’s enough of it for SIX windows, so stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Ironing Board Cover

  1. I’ve just a note here for you, perhaps if you use google chrome as your browser, next time, do a “print” of the page, and choose to save it as a pdf file, thus you won’t have to try and load the page to follow the instructions. I to have a slow internet connection and I’ve just gotten into the habit of saving some tutorials as pdf files via the print option.

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