My mule wears LIPSTICK!?!?!


Well, that’s certainly what it looks like to me! However, this is Millie after eating too many tunas – the fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus!!! Don’t you just want to give her a great big SMOOCH? Troy and I went for our evening walk a couple of days ago and this is the face that greeted us!

Tonight I went out for our evening walk alone. Well, not really alone, just not with Troy. He had a City Council meeting, so it was just me, the two dogs and the two mules… Because Troy wasn’t with me, I only haltered Millie, figuring Dancer would follow us. I didn’t count on Millie refusing to walk out more than maybe twenty feet up the trail behind the barn! She might not be big, she’s only maybe 13H, but she’s about 600 pounds, so if she decides not to walk, I cannot pull her. So after trying to convince her, I gave up, tied the lead rope up into her halter so that it wasn’t dragging, and went on about my walk, WITHOUT HER!

Off we went, just the two dogs and I, leaving Millie and Dancer right where they stood. We went up around the corner and out of sight, but just a few minutes later I heard one of them, probably Dancer, call out to me. I answered her, told her to “Come SEE” and kept walking. I wasn’t walking briskly, I was dawdling more than anything! I was picking up cool rocks and found a lovely bit of rusted chain that I suspect might have been hand-forged! Any way, a little while later I saw Dancer coming up through the woods behind us. I called to her again, and continued walking. Eventually the two of them caught up to us and I gathered up the now dragging lead rope.

I knew that they would eventually follow me, which is why I left Millie’s halter and lead rope on. Usually this is NOT something I would do as they can get caught up on things and cause serious injury! With her lead in hand we now commenced walking together. I sent the two dogs out in front of me, had Millie at my side and Dancer following behind. I had my water bottle in a carrying pouch slung across my shoulders. I had draped the piece of rusty chain through it’s chord and the chain was clinking like a wind chime with ever step I took! Now most equines would take offense to having such a noisy clanking metal chain swinging inches in front of their nose, but not my Millie!!! Didn’t bother her one bit.IMG_20141028_074625B

After we made it to the far end of the property and started our return trip I had an epiphany. Dancer is much more skittish than Millie and needs to be desensitized to things that she perceives as a danger. The path back up to the barn at this point is wide, wide enough for a full-size truck, and we were walking three abreast at this point. Seeing as how the clanking chain didn’t bother Millie, and wasn’t bothering Dancer from the far side of me, I decided to swap the water bottle over to the other side so that it would now be swinging directly in front of Dancer! Remember, she was NOT on a lead, just walking with us as close or as far as she wanted to. She backed off a bit, but then I could almost feel her stretching her neck out to investigate those noisy links! To give her a chance to inspect them fully, I came to a halt and asked her to “come see”. She did so without any hesitation! She not only stepped up to me, but smelled them and brushed them with her nose. Satisfied all was well, we continued our walk, with her staying as close to me as if she were on a lead and those chains just swinging and clanking inches in front of her face!

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2 thoughts on “My mule wears LIPSTICK!?!?!

  1. LOLOL….as I was scrolling down your blog to leave a comment for the Black Cat hop….I spied “Millie” and had to come back to read your post. OMGosh that is just priceless!!!!! Thanks for sharing….yes…I laughed!

    • Did you see the pix of her wearing lipstick? She is such an amazing girl! BOTH of our mules are rescues and are very spoiled. Millie recently underwent surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed… She is doing very well and the scar is barely visible!

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