Happy Halloween!

halloween cardMy good friend, Melissa, makes the most beautiful cards! This is the one she sent to hubby and I for Halloween… I LOVE IT! Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays. We use to decorate our yard at the first of the month and have wonderful Halloween parties! One of the drawbacks of “living in the country” is that we don’t have ANY Trick or Treaters come by. No point in decorating when no one will SEE it! This year, I didn’t decorate at all, not even my black wreath on the front door or a single pumpkin. Any way, that just made receiving Melissa’s card all that more precious to me!IMG_20141031_142949[1]

Well, I did inadvertently decorate just a smidge. Hubby gave me this adorable little coffin that he painted and stamped. In it were three chocolate truffles all in a neat little row. Lastly, when my sister was here last month, she was instructed by this foxy little black feline to be brought home to me! Have you ever seen such a sweet, vintage stand-up decoration!?!?!IMG_20141031_143022[1]

Lastly, some of you may recall that I had set a deadline for today – a deadline to have my sewing/craft room back in working order and completely cleared of all the piles that covered every flat surface! Sadly, I have NOT fully accomplished this goal. About halfway through I became completely overwhelmed and all progress came to a grinding HALT! Significant progress was made in several areas, but there is still one large WALL o’ STUFF piled high in the middle of the room, essentially dividing the room in two…

There are a few good reasons why I didn’t finish ALL that I set out to do, and some pretty creative excuses could be given as well! The deadline may have arrived, but I’m not giving up!!! I think I will spend the rest of the day seeing if I can’t make a bit more progress in here before the “Witching Hour” arrives. It would just be so much simpler if I could wiggle my nose and make it be all neat and tidy!

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