An unexpected new arrival!

itty bitty

Meet “Itty Bitty”… this chick is only about 3 days old and came as a tag-a-long with a 2 week old chick that an old family friend hatched in his incubator. Since only two chicks hatched, he asked me if I would take them to (later) add to my flock. Well, it wasn’t planned, but I said yes. What can I say, I’m a sucker and luckily hubby does his best to understand. We’ve never had Bantams, so these little ones are a new experience. They are SO tiny. For now, I’m having to keep them seperated from each other, too, because “Fancy” is so much bigger than “Itty Bitty”. In a few weeks I can put them together and eventually start introducing them to the rest of the flock. THAT is going to be an interesting challenge, too. Quarantine is important any time new animals arrive at the farmstead! Follow along to watch them grow and meet the rest of the flock!

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